A report released on housing conditions in Delhi revealed that around 57 per cent of Delhi

The Task Force on Urban Development was constituted in June 2010 by the Planning Commission, Planning and Development Division, Government of Pakistan, to review existing urban conditions in the country and establish broad principles for formulating a national urban policy. Headed by Mr.

Urban renewal, with a focus on inclusive development of urban centres, is one of the thrust areas in the National Common Minimum Programme and accordingly the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission was launched. This paper analyses the present urban development policies with a focus on coverage at the state and size-class levels, the extent of equity and effectiveness of the programme.

Day 1: Settling Early Into New Roles, Ministers Talk Of Making Delhi Metro Bigger Than London

The Challenges of Urbanization in India are unprecedented in scale and significance. The magnitude of the challenge can be understood from the sheer fact that our urban areas may be required to accommodate 250-300 million people in addition to the population that they are already home to at present in about two decades from now.

This report documents how efficient land use planning can improve household resilience to rising oil prices by enhancing travel choices; how allowing more people to live closer to job centers can boost employment rates and income levels for low-wage workers while reducing exposure to congestion for all; and how smart growth policies, when well applied, reduce government infrastructure costs, en

This paper considers how the official poverty line in India would have to change, if it were to be set at a level that allowed urban households to afford minimally adequate accommodation. It discusses the difficulties in incorporating housing needs into poverty lines, noting that households that rent accommodations are treated differently in India's poverty statistics from those who are owners.

The Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society has replied to a showcause notice for alleged violation of environmental norms and the Environment Ministry will take a decision on it Monday.

Mumbai: CBI, probing the scam involving Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society (ACHS) comprising prominent politicians, senior bureaucrats and military officials, has approached Union ministry of environment and forests to know if the Coastal Regulation Zone norms were deliberately violated for the society

Adarsh is symptomatic of the ongoing loot of Mumbai for the rich and powerful. (Editorial)