Reemergence of infectious diseases like tuberculosis (TB) is among the major health hazards resulting from increasing globalisation, says a report published by the Institute of Medicine, the medical

Activists are increasingly resorting to attention grabbing techniques to bring development issues into the public domain

The latest Human Development Report highlights the need for people and resource friendly development

The environment in which an embryo develops influences gene expression and some acquired traits can be inherited

Pro and anti dam activists join hands to establish an independent body for reviewing large projects

Poverty, especially in rural areas, and illiteracy go hand in hand. The majority of the world's poor, about

A regional pact in Geneva proposes to ban or restrict the use of persistent organic pollutants

the preparatory phase of the World Summit for Social Development witnessed the launch of several research projects relevant to and in support of issues like poverty, unemployment and social

WITH the advent of the modern era, people had long began conjecturing about the future, maintains Barry Minkin. Which way will the wind of change blow? This is the focus of the book in

Women have always had it bad...patriarchy has ensured that down the generations. A look at women in the various spheres of life, in education, workplaces, health status and in power show that men are