India only major vehicle producing country in the world without fuel saving standards for cars, says CSE

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Fuel economy standards: a non-starter

Proposed fuel economy standards for cars are so lax that some car makers can get away by not doing anything for the first few years. This can jeopardise energy security and climate mitigation plans.

Raise tax on diesel cars

Proliferating diesel cars are a public health risk and drain the exchequer. The Union Budget of 2012-13 needs to take the urgent decision to tax diesel cars higher to prevent misuse of the under-taxed and under-priced fuel in cars. The government and the oil marketing companies cannot continue to shoulder the burden of subsidies and under recovery for luxury use. Increased use of diesel by cars will also increase public health risks.

Government Policies and Action Plans

Recommendations of working group on urban transport for 12th Five Year Plan

The Working Group on Urban Transport for the 12th Five Year Plan has made recommendations on investments and plans on 9 broad themes in urban transport which were identified in line with the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) developed by the Government of India.

Draft parameters for urban transport under National Sustainable Habitat Mission (NMSH)

This draft report by the sub-committee on urban transport proposes parameters for the National Mission on Sustainable Habitat (NMSH) . It specially addresses norms for parking and congestion charges, pedestrianization & cycling and the model regulations for integrating transport Planning with master plans.

Urban Mobility

The BRT standard

This document details the new Standard of assessing the quality of BRT systems developed by Institute for Transportation & Development Policy.

Global database of Bus Rapid Transit systems

International Energy Agency in partnership with EMBARQ has launched this comprehensive global database of bus rapid transit (BRT) systems from over 130 cities and includes Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune & Jaipur from India.

Alternative Fuels

Budget 2012 is a mixed bag, says CSE

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) supports the tax hike on big cars and SUVs brought on by the Union budget 2012. Excise duty on large cars has increased marginally from 22 per cent to 24 per cent. MUVs and SUVs will attract higher duty – up to 27 per cent.


Technology roadmap: fuel economy of road vehicles

This roadmap explores the potential improvement of existing technologies to enhance average fuel economy of motorised vehicles and provides recommendations to reduce the average fuel economy of road motorised vehicles by 30% to 50% by 2030.

Non Motorised Vehicles

Walkability in Indian cities

This new study released by the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) benchmarks the pedestrian infrastructure of six Indian cities. In addition to the availability of pedestrian footpaths, it also includes other parameters such as accessibility to crossings and amenities and road safety issues, such as motorists’ behaviour towards pedestrians.

Global Scenario

Urban transport strategy to combat climate change in the People’s Republic of China

This publication examines the problems and issues of urban transport in relation to climate change in the People’s Republic of China. It reviews international and local best practices for addressing such challenges.


Mobility crisis: agenda for action 2010

We have more roads and flyovers than ever before to address our transportation worries. But, unfortunately, roads in cities like Delhi are chock-a-block with bumper-to-bumper traffic, due to the huge ratio of cars as compared to buses. It is time to set new terms of action. Make the city more walkable. This book discusses in detail ways and means of dealing with pollution and congestion.

The leapfrog factor: clearing the air in Asian cities

Captures 10 years of action, impacts and learning to address the complex air pollution challenge in Asia. This book is a survival guide for Asian cities trying to steer their way out of the pollution haze.

Enviornment Education