One of the greatest challenges facing governments and policymakers in Africa today is how to provide opportunities for the continent’s more than 200 million youth so that they can have decent lives and contribute to the economic development of their countries.

Spatially accurate, contemporary data on human population distributions are vitally important to many applied and theoretical researchers. The Southeast Asia region has undergone rapid urbanization and population growth over the past decade, yet existing spatial population distribution datasets covering the region are based principally on population count data from censuses circa 2000, with often insufficient spatial resolution or input data to map settlements precisely.

The state government has decided to dedicate the year 2013 to its daughters as the gap between male-female ratio continues to be wide in some districtsa such as Jammu, Samba and Kathua even though

This 2012 edition of the Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific's main feature is the presentation of selected statistical indicators from the Yearbook as country profiles.

States to notify core, buffer areas

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to help conserve and protect the dwindling tiger population, the Odisha government has decided to create a Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) and prepare a long-term action

Bhubaneswar: Despite death of 149 elephants, mostly due to poaching and electrocution during last two years in Odisha, the population of pachyderms has increased to 1930 from 1886 in 2010.

NEW DELHI, 24 JUNE: Despite nationwide movements and campaigns to save tigers, 48 tigers have been reported dead in the first six months of this year and 19 cases have been clearly stated as cases

This new study of nine coastal cities around the world published in the latest edition of journal Natural Hazards, says that Kolkata is among the most flood vulnerable cities in world and could experience coastal flooding as the city is built on river delta.

Increasing population size and per capita impacts are making sustainability a difficult to goal to achieve; this Review explores possibilities for sustainable development.