Human development in South Asia

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Lost in woods

Environmentalists see red over wildlife bill in Bangladesh. A rift has been created between the Bangladesh government and activists. Reason: a bill that gives powers to the government to declare forest areas protected while pushing for co-management of forests by authorities and communities. Activists say the bill, if passed, would put forests and wildlife at risk.

Bhutan: pursuit of happiness

Karma Tshiteem is the secretary of the Gross National Happiness Commission, the novel name of Bhutan’s Planning Commission. He tells Aditya Batra how the concept has fared in the new democracy.

Government Policies and Action Plans

Draft national climate change policy for Sri Lanka

This draft of the National Climate Change Policy for Sri Lanka contains a a vision, mission, goal and a set of guiding principles followed by broad policy statements under Vulnerability, Adaptation, Mitigation, Sustainable Consumption and Production and Knowledge Management.

Bhutan renewable energy policy 2011

The Renewable Energy Policy intends to provide the necessary direction for the promotion and development of Renewable Energy that not only contribute in meeting the current requirements but also shape future energy security options for Bhutan.

Climate Change

Draft National Climate Change Policy, 2011: Pakistan

The national climate change policy provides a framework for addressing the issues that Pakistan faces or will face in future due to the changing climate.  In view of Pakistan’s high vulnerability to adverse impacts of climate, in particular extreme events, adaptation effort is the main focus of this policy document.  The vulnerabilities of various  sectors to climate change

Bhutan national human development report 2011: sustaining progress - rising to the climate challenge

The 2011 Bhutan National Human Development Report (NHDR) focuses on the human development conditions that characterise Bhutan's vulnerability to climate risks-accelerating human development progress and closing gaps in achievements figure among the most important responses to climate change.


Seeking solutions to air pollution, health and congestion in South Asian cities

This document contains the presentation by Anumita Roychowdhury of Centre for Science and Environment, at Second country media briefing on “Challenges of Air Quality and Mobility Management in South Asian cities” held in Colombo on 27 April 2011, jointly organized by CSE and TVE Asia Pacific.

Challenges of understanding and combating air pollution in Sri Lanka

This document contains the presentation by O A Ileperuma of University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka at Second country media briefing on “Challenges of Air Quality and Mobility Management in South Asian cities” held in Colombo on 27 April 2011, organized by CSE and TVE Asia Pacific.

Food Safety and Toxins

Bt brinjal event EE1: the scope and adequacy of the GEAC toxicological risk assessment

According to this independent scientific study by Lou Gallagher, the safety claims made for Bt brinjal, are not supported by existing data and says that its consumption could result in adverse health effects.

Forest, People and Wildlife

The disappearing act: the illicit trade in wildlife in Asia

Southeast Asia, with its linkages into the larger Asian market that includes China, Indonesia, and India, is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots as well as one of the world’s hotspots for the illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife parts.


Mobility crisis: agenda for action 2010

We have more roads and flyovers than ever before to address our transportation worries. But, unfortunately, roads in cities like Delhi are chock-a-block with bumper-to-bumper traffic, due to the huge ratio of cars as compared to buses. It is time to set new terms of action. Make the city more walkable. This book discusses in detail ways and means of dealing with pollution and congestion.

Water first: issues and challenges for nations and communities in South Asia

This book brings together current knowledge and cutting edge interdisciplinary perspectives from renowned scholars on the histories, politics, ecologies and cultures of water in South Asia. It explores the complexities of the issues and challenges thrown up by contemporary water management practices in the South Asian region.